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Factors Affecting Haemolysis

This flow chart displays the different factors which may affect haemolysis. The steps in red are steps that may cause haemolysis and steps in black are steps not likely the cause of haemolysis.

Please click on any of the different steps in red to find out factors and their possible consequences, corrective actions and references to literature relative to the corrective actions described.




Specimen Storage

Patient ID

In Vivo Haemolysis due to patient factors

  • Metabolic   Disorders (eg. Liver disease)
  • Chemical Agents (eg. Medication)
  • Physical Agents (eg. Mechanical heart valves)
  • Infectious Agents (eg. Bacteria)

  • Long Time after Centrifugation
  • Serum vs. Plasma vs. Whole Blood
  • Tube Mixed Prior to Analysis
  • Re-Run Specimen (Same Day)
  • Verify Instrument Call & Controls
  • Identify Instrument Used for Testing
  • Identify Tech Performing Testing
  • Verify Report Value

Red- Steps that may cause haemolysis

Black- Steps not likely the cause of haemolysis

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Last modification on 30/08/2012

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